This Guy Built a Modern Day Noah’s Ark and It’s Beyond Impressive

The massive vessel he just built is just incredible!


7 Famous Artists in History with Their Own Artworks

Let’s take a few seconds of our time and enjoy these incredible images of influential artists in history. Paul Cézanne at his studio, Les Lauves (1904) Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) | The Bathers — Les Grandes...


The Last Paintings Of Famous Artists in History (9 photos)

Before the amazing Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh and other incredible artists in history died, they left us with these final masterpieces as their last gift to the world. We hope you enjoy this collection! Claude Monet: Water...


10 Famous Art Masterpieces Lost in Second World War That Still Remain Missing

Amid all the chaos during World War II, art thieves and looters were taking advantage of the chaotic situation. Notable historians even claimed that Adolf Hitler encouraged the looting himself as he had a dream to build an...


The Incredible Genius of Furniture Makers in the Past (1750-1800)

King Frederick William II once owned this awesome cabinet, which you can now find on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Man With Cerebral Palsy Paints Masterpieces Using Only A Typewriter

WOW! No way!

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