12 Most Expensive Paintings in History

The world of art inspires and stimulates creativity. Art is a man’s or woman’s creative way to express thoughts, feelings and emotions. There are many incredible artists who have shown the world their amazing...


Woman Collects Trash People Threw Away and Creates Amazing Arts

She doesn't need expensive art materials to create these stunning masterpieces.


Disney Animators Using Mirrors to Draw The Famous Disney Characters

Here are an interesting collection of photos from 1950s showing the legendary illustrators at Disney and Warner Brothers using mirrors to draw their characters’ frowns and grins. This was how the talented animators in history...


Hidden Art Found on Edge of Pages of a Book Worth Thousands of Dollar

If you have old books in your library, go check if they contain this amazing, mind-blowing secret called...


The Talented Photographers Behind History’s Most Iconic Photos

Meet the talented photographers and the iconic photos that made them famous.


This Guy Built a Modern Day Noah’s Ark and It’s Beyond Impressive

The massive vessel he just built is just incredible!

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