Jewel-Encrusted Skeletons Believed to Be Saints Discovered in Rome in 1578

In 1578, an incredible and somewhat baffling discovery was made in Rome. Beneath the city lies a network of labyrinth-like tombs that housed skeletons of early Christian martyrs wearing expensive clothes and decorated with...

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Photos Of Mysterious Abandoned Chicken Church in the Jungle of Indonesia

Hidden deep in the Indonesian jungle, lies a ‘church’ with the most unusual form. The long abandoned structure was built by 67-year-old Daniel Alamsjah in 1990, after he had a vision from God to build a prayer...


Abandoned Ship Sailed The Seas for 38 Years! One of The Strangest Ghost Ship Tales in History.

The fate of the SS Baychimo is one of the strangest ghost ship tales on record. It sailed the seas - unmanned for almost four decades!


Untouched Paris Apartment Discovered After 70 Years with Painting Worth $3.4M

Madame de Florian was 23 when she fled Paris, France, to escape the Nazi raid in 1942. She locked up her apartment home and never returned. She died at the age of 91. Her family discovered that she’d been paying the rent...


10 Mysterious Photos In History That Cannot Be Explained

These unexplained, mind-boggling pictures will leave you scratching your head.


31 Asylum Pictures Show How Insane People Were Treated In History

It’s time for some more interesting, old-timey pictures from history. But we have a different collection this time of rare historical photos, a creepy, haunting kind of different. What you’re going to see below are...

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