Caught our cat paying our dog’s remains a visit today. They were best friends since she was a kitten.


Woman Saves Two Dogs From Being Killed. Then Posts This On Craigslist.


Dogs Are Now Allowed to Visit Their Hospitalized Humans Because Love Really Can Heal All

Hospital lets dogs visit their sick humans because they sure make everything better.


Man Found A Scared Kitten Under A Truck And Just Couldn’t Say No To Her

A kind-hearted guy saw two little white boots by the tire of a truck and found a tiny kitten clinging to it. Her cat mother apparently left her behind. Looking at the poor little kitten, the man knew he had to step up to...


25 Pictures Of Absolutely Vicious Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are unfortunately stereotyped as an untrustworthy, vicious breed. These images below will hopefully change that. Enjoy! 1. Your typical violent and aggressive pit bull 2. Lurleen the cat nursing orphaned week-old...


7 Helpful Tips To Find A Lost Dog

If your dog has gone missing, these tactics will help you find your furry friend back faster. 1. eBaum’s World 2. eBaum’s World 3. eBaum’s World 4. eBaum’s World 5. eBaum’s World 6. eBaum’s...

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