35 High School Yearbook Photos of Rock Stars

They were once regular high school kids, right? Some of them didn’t even look that cool dude with a rock star potential. Some though still managed to look cool like Dimebag Darrell Lance Abbott or Wes Borland. The others?...

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20+ Photos Of Famous Musicians When They Were Kids

From Janis Joplin to Jimi Hendrix, take a look at these adorable kids who grew up to revolutionize the world of music. Enjoy! 1. Janis Joplin Imgur 2. Bob Dylan Flavorwire 3. Kurt Cobain Flavorwire 4. Joan Jett and Lita Ford...


Athlete Is Losing His Memory, So He Wrote His Family A Love Song Before It’s Too Late

Super Bowl Champion Ben Utecht played five NFL seasons. He retired in 2009 after suffering several major concussions during his career. He’s now facing memory loss at the age of 33. Before it’s too late, he wrote his...


Rebecca Ferguson snubs Trump inauguration

Rebecca Ferguson first came into the public eye as the runner up on 2010’s season of The X-Factor and following the release of a barnstorming first album has become a staple of the British and American music scenes and...


Germany’s Largest Supermarket Just Raised The Bar On Christmas Awesomeness

This wonderful surprise for their shoppers will definitely get everyone in the mood for the season.


When They Started Singing A Folk Song In A Snowy Forest, This Most Magical Thing Happened

While on a tour in Colorado, folk singer Shawn James and his crew got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform a music video in a wolf sanctuary. It was a very cold, snowy day, so they decided to film the video in one...

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