Photos of World War I that Will Stay with You for a Long Time

It’s the first war fought on a global scale – in every ocean and almost every continent.


Since 1915, Humans Have Been Living Inside This Hole. You Gotta See The Inside…

Time and time again, humans have proved there are many incredible ways to live. We’ve seen floating homes, tiny mobile shelters, and container vans transformed into cozy quarters. We may think we’ve seen it all,...


10 Horrifying Japanese Urban Legends


How Halloween Costumes Looked Like in the 1920s


The Incredible Genius of Furniture Makers in the Past (1750-1800)

King Frederick William II once owned this awesome cabinet, which you can now find on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


42 Famous Events in History that Show How Much Our World Has Changed

The first World Series in Pittsburgh in 1903.

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