World’s Most Incredible Underwater Attractions

From an underwater museum of amazing sculptures to a submerged aquarium, these 9 incredible underwater wonders will take your breath away. Better learn how to dive soon.


Evolution Of Barbie’s Face Since 1959

Come take a look at how Barbie’s face has changed over the past 56 years.


The Most Powerful Christmas Commercial Ever

The holidays are a time for family and friends. They're especially important because we're so busy throughout the year with our...


The Incredible Story of Vivian Maier who Turned the Art World Upside Down

The incredible story of Vivian Maier who has turned the art world upside down.


WWII Bunker Transformed Into an Amazing Home

This is 1942 bunker was used as a listening post in St. Levan, Cornwall, transformed into a fully-functioning home. Take a look!


65 Colorized Photos From History That Will Leave You Awestruck

We often see historical photos in black and white. But when skilled artists decided to add colors to them, the result is stunning.

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