Developed in 1800s, This Island Paradise Hides a Deadly Secret that Scares Rich People

And you thought this island looked charming, right? Swim on over... if you dare.


25 Mind-Blowing Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know

As we already know by now, there are still a lot of things we do not know and plenty of things to discover about our amazing world. Below are just 25 of the mind-blowing facts about our world from the book 1,227 Quite Interesting...


10 Horrifying Japanese Urban Legends


“A Story to Scare My Son” — A Creepy Story That Sends Chills Down My Spine

"Son, we need to have a chat aboit Internet Safety." I slowly crumpled down onto the floor next to him. His laptop was open and he was playing Minecraft on a public server. His eyes were locked into action, Comments scrolled...


German Pilot Refused to Shoot Down This Damaged B-17 Bomber – Most Amazing WWII Story


What It Would Look Like If You Piled Up Everyone On Earth In One Place

As of this writing, there are now 7,570,729,899 people in the world. So what if you rounded up every human in the world and dumped all of us into the Grand Canyon, what would it look like? Okay, maybe it’s not something...

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