10+ Crazy Jobs in History

There were many jobs in the past that do not exist anymore — some disappeared completely, and some evolved into something else. These jobs may seem strange to us today but they were a very important part of everyday life...


A Family Discovered Treasure from the Past Hidden Under Their Stairs

They found a mysterious safe buried in the floor while cleaning their house. We can only imagine the family's mad anticipation and sense of urgency.


Incredible Story of Dr. Rogozov who Operated on Himself to Remove His Appendix in Antarctica

If he was to survive the expedition, the doctor had to perform an appendectomy on himself! This is a real story of determination, will and pure gumption.


20+ Celebrities Who Had Surprising Jobs Before They Were Famous


31 Rare Old Photos Of Celebrities You’ve Gotta See

Some of these old photographs you may have seen before. But pretty sure you’ll find more than a few below you haven’t. These are some of the coolest photos of celebs captured at off-beat moments that somehow reveal something...


20+ Incredible Photos of the New York’s Mafia Mob Moll

A “Mob Moll” or Gun Moll is a moniker given to the female companions of the mafia, mobsters and other professional criminals. They were often hardened criminals themselves. Take a fascinating look at the female...

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