Girls Go Ape Over This Ridiculously Handsome Gorilla You’ll Ever SEE

Evolution is striking us backwards!


Man Found This Hidden Note At The Airport. What It Said Should Be Read By More People…

A man stumbled upon this folded piece of paper while making his way through the San Francisco airport. The words "Read me" was scribbled on the front.


It’s Tough Watching This 3-Minute Video But It’s Something We Should All See

Women are the most precious gift God had ever given to men. It’s a gift that men should take good care of, respect and love. However, it’s truly saddening...


New York City Dumps Old Subway Cars Into The Atlantic Ocean… And We’re Glad They’re Doing It

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has been dumping railcars into the ocean for more than a decade now. From 2000-2010, nearly 2500 subway cars have been shipped out and dumped into the middle of the...


Man Spent 4 Years Growing a Church Made Entirely Out of Trees

Inspired by beautiful churches he saw while traveling the world, Barry Cox decided to construct a cathedral of his own. But not just any cathedral, Cox’s unique house of worship is made entirely out of trees!


North Korea Leader Would Really Hate You If You Watch This, Which Is More Reason to Watch It

When Yeonmi Park was 9 years old, she saw her friend’s mom publicly executed for doing something many of us consider a normal activity. Listen to her heart-wrenching story about the horrible things she's lived through.

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