50 Notable Moments in History Captured on Camera For The First Time Ever

These incredible vintage photos offer us a window onto important events in human history.

beneath the waves -FI

Photographer’s Half-Underwater Photos Reveal The Most Amazing Things Beneath The Waves

Through his collection of surreal half-underwater photos, Australia-based photographer Matty Smith, takes us into the mysterious world beneath the waves, something we rarely see. His “half over half underwater images”...

tattoo transformation -FI

Tattoo Artist Transforms Scars Of Domestic Violence Into Empowering Works Of Art… For Free

Meet tattoo artist Flavia Carvalho. Not only is she awesomely talented, but she’s been helping survivors of domestic violence deal with their scars in the most beautiful way. Two years ago, Flavia worked with a client who...


Top 16 Most Expensive, Rarest Materials in the World

A few of these might surprise you.


Stray Dog Saves Woman From Man With Knife, Gets Rescued Himself

It's not everyday we hear of stray dogs saving literally the life of complete strangers. But that what happened when a stray pit bull saw a woman being attacked by a man with a knife.


NASA Just Uploaded Online Over 10,000 Apollo Moon Mission Photos (Here’re Some Of Them)

NASA didn’t just send astronauts to do scientific exploration on the Moon. They also sent them equipped with Hasselblad cameras. The images they captured were preserved, and many were digitized.

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