12 Photos of the 1970 Miss American Vampire Pageant

In 1970, the Miss American Vampire regional contests were held around the country. New York City and Los Angeles generated the most interest from competitors. Almost all of the documentary evidence circulating the Internet...


7 Easy Tips to Overcome Depression

In the contemporary world, depression is one of the most common conditions, which totally interferes with people’s normal lives.


Tips and Tricks for using YouTube

YouTube has become the ultimate resource for various kinds of videos online, where you can easily access videos and watch them whenever you want.


Street Designers – Graffiti Artists

Street artists have been a part of many different cultures for generations on end. From every corner of the globe, throughout history, there have been various types of street artists that have amazed us with their phenomenal...


Effective Tips to Avoid Foot Pain in Arch in Daily Life

If you’re suffering from foot arch pain, you know how it can really ruin your day. Nothing puts a damper on a morning walk or an afternoon commute like searing or stabbing pain in the arch of your foot. If your job requires...


How to Get Motivated for Studying?

Even though studying benefits students in many ways, many of us are sick and tired of sitting in a chair all day staring at a screen or learning how to write an essay “the right way.”

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